Aaron Cole - Two Cents lyrics


Aaron Cole  "Two Cents" lyrics

Take my

Take my hand

Lead me and never let me go, hey

Take my

Take my hand

Lead me and never let me go, hey


It took a lot of tears for me to reach this tier

They try spark as high as me, but they ain't got no air

I seen the life I'm living now, I'm having déjà vu

Sitting front row at all these funerals'll change you too

Yeah, meetings with legends, we eating Ruth Chris

Uh, already rich, don't need your two cents

This joy in my life, it's all hitting different

Showing the world my weaknesses, that's really Christian

Yeah, and I'm wearing Christian

They see the gains, that's 'cause we been through a lot of resistance

I can't party with y'all, I gotta ask the Mrs

And then I'm locked in, making records, so I'ma have to miss it

Uh, it's nothing personal

I just don't got the time if it ain't purposeful

You can't elevate just by staying the same, uh

So, I'm sorry but I had to change

Huh, huh, huh

Yo, what's going on?

You should look at me and know that God did it

Look, know I'm cold the way my fans keep it spinning

Look, if I can be honest, they been there since the beginning

When I got a lot of nas, but god said that it was written

Uh, huh

We did it

Uh, huh

We winning

Uh, huh

Life is hard, but God is good and I'ma witness

Uh, huh

I just keep on counting it up, I'm 'bout my business

Uh, huh

And you know I rep VA, I just left Richmond

Uh, huh

Look, I keep going for the ones I lost, gotta make 'em proud

Even though life be lifing, show this million-dollar smile, aye, look

Gave my life to God and I'd still double down, aye

Without His grace, I know I wouldn't be here now, aye

Too many times, won't pose to make it this a blessing

You want the life, you gotta make the right investments

Look, my girl, she not Monique, but she's still precious

Growing into the new me and it's impressive

Funny seeing you here, used to laugh at us when we was in the dark

Now you trying to come our way, with that we was there from the start

Aye, probably seen the charts, aye

Yeah, probably seen the crib, aye

Probably seen us at the Doves, dappered down, probably seen us take the win

Packed in on Chester street, that's where I learned from the best

Knew it'd all work out, let the Lord lift it off my chest

Had J's when we ain't have nothing, I seen moms finesse

It was pennies she had to stretch

Know the harder brought success

Look, Mama, never stress

Look, Mama, I been changed


End of Aaron Cole -  "Two Cents" lyrics


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Aaron Cole -  "Two Cents" lyrics

Aaron Cole -  "Two Cents" lyrics

Aaron Cole -  "Two Cents" lyrics

Aaron Cole -  "Two Cents" lyrics

Aaron Cole -  "Two Cents" lyrics

Aaron Cole -  "Two Cents" lyrics