Light Lyrics - graceman


Light Lyrics - graceman 

It’s hard to believe but I’m back

I wasn’t gone I just sat at the back

I’ve been observing, watching, praying

you never notice but I’m always the light in the dark

The least of my worries is stuck in the sack

Appreciate all your sorry but now that I’m back

Am gonna tell you a little story

Please don’t worry

It’s all about he’s Glory

Please calm, just seat and relax.....

My MOM is an Angel now

Probably seating, eating with the savior now

At that point I went into hell and I looked at the devil face-to-face and I told him that

I don’t care what you think or you do I’m a King and declare I gat power, it’s over now

As you see I just win I don’t loss

If you checking my shoes, you will see I ain’t stepping back

See my life is okay now you know

I gat no pains anymore

See I gat broken chains

I am chocked in Grace

I gat strength in God now you know

And everything working good as I go

to places that I’ve never been before

Ooh Lord I

Thanking for your mercy

you never see me quilts

washing all the dirty

U held me like your baby


I’m bigger than elephants

Man that is elegant

Peace as embodiment

Christ is my evidence

Man can be jealous of how I keep getting big

I was stroke with some bitterness see how I’m taking it

Everything working good

Miracles circling

Everything settling

done with all suffering

I gat daddy wey Dey pamper he’s baby

This hole in my chest I see it as an evidence aahh. .

I just seat and I win I don’t battle them

I gat Angels with me and I gbadu dem

when you’re faced with challenges you go on your knees and the Lord will tell you how to handle dem

Am the latest Trend so I don’t follow dem

Forget about the storm I am standing firm

Soul is ever growing cus you’re healing them

Everything settling, never look back again

My structure is funny, but I’m not delicate, I gat the fire burning in my bone

I gat con-fiction that God is the king and the reason am seeing blessing in my home

I am not comfortable

When I start to see I am too comfortable

Every moment should count

Praising God is on regular

Look at me you’ll see resemblance

I Emboss

Never getting bored

With the Craft that

I bestowed

By the lord of Host

Never scrap that

And the love that he always shows

to this many folks that live like this life is null

I dislike that


every-time he shows

Only God can


Is the life we choose

I accept that


Am a success

Never know less

I get a better living

and the Lord has said it already get it?


But Wait....

I’m overwhelmed

Isn’t God so amazing ?

How can he send he’s son just to come die for us but after everything we neverd listen

How is it possible walking on water and all we need is the faith that we were giving

How is it possible to still embrace us after everything tells us our sins are forgiven


How can someone tell the end from beginning

How can you speak to him but never see him

You cannot figure how God is amazing but funny enough he never changes in season

How many times that he saved you from trouble

How can you stand on your feet and you find it

Easy to move but then God is behind it

but you never one day thank God for all these reasons...

Lord you amaze me

Whenever I fall you raise me

Every promise every favour Lord you gave me

Lord am ur baby

Every time you safe me ee...

Every promise every favour Lord you gave me

End of Light Lyrics - graceman 

Light Lyrics - graceman

Light Lyrics - graceman 

Light Lyrics - graceman 

Light Lyrics - graceman 

Light Lyrics - graceman 

Light Lyrics - graceman